The AF Ball Recovery Set is a selection of 4 size beech wood balls developed for trigger point release and self-massage. They help to increase circulation while releasing tight muscles so you can recover faster. Get your body back into action fast with the AF Recovery Ball Set!

What included:
30, 40, 50, and 60 mm message balls
Microfiber bag

Are you looking for a way to recover faster?

The AF Recovery Ball Set is the only self-massage tool that comes with the variety of sizes you need to recover faster than ever. 

Each size was created because muscles are like people, they all come in different sizes.

The microfiber bag conveniently stores the set and works as an anti-slip message aid. 

The four ball set is designed to increase blood flow and release muscle tension from head to toe. 

The 30 mm PeaNut is perfect for getting into the intricate muscles, tendons, and ligaments of your feet. 

The 40 mm WallNut is designed to be used on the tight IT band back and shoulder muscles. 

The 50 mm GolfBall is designed to release the muscle tension build-up in your glutes, and IT band. 

The 60 mm GreenApple is perfect for releasing the larger muscles, like the hamstrings and lats. 

Play hard and recover faster with the AF Ball Recovery Set. 


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