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More Details

At Adventure Fit Dojo we develop Climbing Specific Skills (CSS) during our Climbing Progression sessions and General Physical Preparedness ( GPP) during our Mind-Body Strength & Conditioning sessions.

We separate the two sessions in order to optimize the mission of each training session. Climbing Progression sessions always preceded a Mind-Body Strength & Conditioning session. This way, climbers can roll into a S&C session right after a climbing session.

All our athletes train a least twice a week and participate in at least 3 training sessions per week. Because we know consistency is the only way to succeed. 

At Adventure Fit Dojo, we take the guesswork out of crushing your climbing and fitness goals. We use modern testing equipment, science-based training methods, and years of experience to build smart, progressive, and effective training programs. Our goal is to help you develop the tools and techniques that allow you to access your potential.


Photo of John Swanson-adventure fit dojo
John Swanson
"Zach's Adventure Fit Retreat in Indian Creek changed my life, period".
Photo of Nik Goile-adventure fit dojo
Nik Goile
"....Zach's amazing knowledge of training and sport physiology helped me rebuild my strength and confidence through a tailored training plan that I could easily follow even though we live on opposite sides of the world from each other. Through regular video chats and recordings, Zach was able to adjust my training to ensure the safest and most effective progression."
photo of Sean Haverstock-adventure fit dojo
Sean Haverstock
"Through honest conversation and expert evaluation, Coach Zippy identified many areas for improvement in my climbing. With an evolving program that addresses my weaknesses and accounts for my goals, I've accomplished many of the short term goals I laid out--and were on the path to crush my long term projects. Now I'm climbing harder and more than ever, but most importantly, I'm also injury free. Together we've laid the foundation for a long and healthy road in climbing."
photo of Chip Bejc-adventure dojo
Chip Bejc
Since I’ve been working with Zach, I’m finding that I am climbing in a much more relaxed and freer head space than ever before. He has been a very positive and enlightening addition to my climbing training, and I always look forward to the training and climbing that we do together."